EAPnet.com is a high-end, fully custom site comissioned to improve search presence and expand eCommerce reach while automating most invoicing, shipping, and customer management functions. The site is fully responsive and highly optimized for mobile, with most pages loading less than 1MB of content. All site content is fully user editable with a custom WYSIWYG content management system. The user permission system allows individual users to be assigned to particular pages and types of content. Individual users may also receive personalized email notifications regarding site status, new orders, and order shipment updates. All site customers receive automated invoice and shipment notifications regarding the status of their order. The site features an integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP that automatically updates accounting records. An integration with Price Industries' Rep Edge customer management software allows tracking new customer accounts, activity, orders, as well as a robust suite of daily reports. An integration with Heartland Payment systems handles automatic invoicing. There is also a custom portal for fulfillment companies to receive notifications and enter shipment information without exposing the private systems.

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