Cincinnati, OH 45202


Contract Software Engineer; Proctor & Gamble -Present

Lead technology consultant for P&G Ventures group. Oversaw development of, and, as well as consulting for Pepper & Wits and Opte Skin products. Responsible for development of ecommerce sites on Shopify platform as well as management of 3rd party technologies and resources.

Contract Software Engineer; EAP, Inc -

Architected, designed and developed for local seller of commercial industrial HVAC systems. Site features online store, custom inventory search, integration with Dynamics GP to enable automated accounting for online orders, as well as synchronization of inventory, taxes, and customer information. Custom checkout integrates with Heartland Payment systems. SMTP for automatic emails, tracking updates, and event notifications. Fully custom CMS allows editing of all site content while maintaining responsive design for phones and tablets.

Contract Software Engineer; Speedway, LLC -

Designed the application that predicts sales of fuel products for all Marathon (MPC) corporate stores (T-SQL, ASP.NET MVC, Kendo UI). Built custom tools for data analysis and created core algorithm and user interfaces to be used by business analysts.

Software Engineer Consultant; Extraordinaire LLC -

Responsible for production of CQM reports (T-SQL) and renovation of Bradoc EHR software which then received ONC certification. Produced client and interface to support secure messaging, DOPU, and CDA transport between medical providers and their patients. Worked primarily in VB.NET, C#, TSQL, creating user interfaces, windows services, and database reports.

Web Developer Consultant; Possible -

Responsible for maintenance, promotions, and enhancements on over twenty Smucker's brand sites. Big names include Folgers, Pillsbury, Crisco, Jif, and Dunkin Donuts. Produced code for all application layers (ASP.NET webforms + MVC 3/4, AJAX), database (T-SQL), in addition to a number of Facebook promotions and responsive mobile layouts (HTML5, CSS, Javascript/jQuery).

Application, Web, & Database Consultant; Curiosity 360 -

Introduced as lead developer, responsible for creation of multi-user concurrent web application for large corporate client. Designed and implemented entire application architecture from start to finish. Developed database (TSQL), User Interface (Silverlight, XAML), and communication (ASP.NET, WCF) layers, in addition to establishing secure integration with existing Active Directory system.

Database & Application Developer Co-op; E-Technologies Group -

Developed production T-SQL database systems for P&G Dannon plants. Responsible for significant expansion and redesign of existing database structures. Created custom reporting software in C# and SQL procedures to generate dynamic content & visuals from real-time production data. Worked closely with customers to develop dynamic consumer comment tracking and reporting application in Excel (VBA), enabling management to effectively categorize and identify manufacturing faults and aggregate consumer comments. Augmented existing Unity Formula & BOM management software (C#, XSLT, T-SQL, .NET, XAML, X-PATH) to include new functionalities, enabling dynamic entry of parameters for plant processing lines and providing a complete database and UI solution. Developed XSLT stylesheets to assist remote synchronization with corporate CSS webservers.

Experience Media Developer Co-op; Possible -

Performed research and development on signal filters. Constructed audio signal switching station to process tones from a 3.5mm plug to relay switches. Developed 44-KHz scope attachment to read DC voltages using a personal computer via line input. Developed web-compatible drivers in Adobe flash, enabling sensory input to web content. Constructed high-efficiency AM radio transmitter. Designed and assembled HMI for pneumatic cannon.

Experience Media Developer Intern; Bridge Worldwide -

Conducted internal research and development for the Unity3D platform. Assessed the capabilities of the platform as a potential medium for clients, specifically targeting iOS devices. Produced and documented a number of 3D games and technical demonstrations, utilizing accelerometers, hardware inputs, and touch controls. Phone demonstrations showcased advanced physics and particle simulations in 3D space.

Flash Game Designer and Programmer -

Produced four works independently. Responsible for marketing and orchestrating over a half-dozen independent license agreements, as well as distribution of content. Garnered a collective audience of over 8 million players. Developed libraries for advanced vector processing, collision detection, pathfinding, and blitting. Produced all content, from graphics design to sound production.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (2014)
University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering; Cincinnati, OH