Zombie Cop

Zombie Cop was in development for about 3 years, sporadically, and has received around 400 thousand views to date. For this project, I had to learn Actionscript 3, as well as Object Oriented Programming styles and syntax. The class-based approach improved my code quality and reusability greatly, and contributed greatly to the quality of the final product.

The framework is far more robust than any of my previous programming projects. The game uses a heavily optimized and advanced pathing algorithm. It can handle up to 50 units in realtime while maintaining optimal performance. The pathing algorithm is built upon a robust set of classes for processing two-dimensional vectors. The vector classes are responsible for collision detection and unit targeting. Layered upon that is the unit AI library, which is simple, but stable and performs well. The game is rendered entirely with a bitmap blitting camera system, for efficient use of visual resources. I did not assemble any of the graphics in the Adobe Flash IDE or a similar visual editor. I instead embedded bitmaps and animated them using custom clip-management classes.

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